Hundreds of Happy Patients

Dr. Gibson has worked for decades caring for patients. Throughout that time, he has helped hundreds of patients find their smile! Here are just a few of the happy patients comments we have received.

Dear Dr. Gibson,

This is just a note to say ‘thank you’ for all you’ve done for me. You have done more for me than any doctor has, EVER, and if not for you I just don’t know where I would be today with my jaw situation. Each time I leave your office I feel like you truly have my best interest at heart. I don’t believe there has been one single issue that you have not addressed in a kind and professional manner.

I have learned since we started our patient-doctor relationship many years ago that you are highly capable in your field. As my recent extensive restoration called for knowledge and use of advanced technology, all I can say is — I’m sure glad you paid attention in class. You’re great! My most sincere thanks to you!

—Carol, OKC

Dear Dr. Gibson,

Prior to implants could eat marshmallows if not very hard. Now can eat carrot and steaks. Never dreamed I would be able to eat again. Thought I would be destined to eat yogurt the rest of my life. Now I can eat anything I want.

I am really impressed with my implants!

—Jerry, OKC

Dear Dr. Gibson,

I did not want to let this opportunity pass without expressing how pleased I am about my recent dental experience while getting implants. This was without question the most relaxed encounter that I have ever had at a dental office. My anticipation of how painful implants would be had kept me from considering them for years.

I can truthfully say that DR Gibson has the unique ability to explain his procedures very well. He gives you step by step details of what to expect. He has the skills and intuitive talent (along with his staff), to make you feel at ease. I experienced very minimal pain. I never had to take a pain pill.

If I had known it would be as easy as it turned out to be, I think I would have considered implants a long time ago.

Sincerely, A satisfied Patient of Dr. Gibson

—Viola, OKC